MANDALA Yoga Wear mit PETA Approved Vegan Label

MANDALA Yoga Wear with Peta Approved Vegan Label

Our Yoga collection has been completely vegan since 2019 and has been awarded the PETA Approved Vegan Label. This certificate ensures that clothes are produced without animal components. That not only includes the fabrics of our yoga clothing, but also colors, buttons, seams and more. This way we ensure you don't only have a good feeling wearing MANDALA, but also buying it.

Vegan is sustainable

The environment includes everyone: nature, people and animals. For us, environmentally friendly also means vegan. A vegan lifestyle protects the resources of our planet and treats all living things with respect. That's why for us, sustainability goes hand in hand with a vegan lifestyle - and the production of vegan clothing. As a result, 100% of our collection is vegan and certified with the PETA Approved Vegan Label. By using natural fabrics from renewable raw materials our yoga wear is resource saving and sustainable. And that's how we protect people and animals.

What is PETA?

PETA is the world's largest animal rights organization. It is committed to many different topics, including factory farming, animal experiments and the extinction of endangered animal species. PETA has special attention to various industries that particularly harm animals. Unfortunately, this also includes the clothing industry. Leather and fur are probably the most controversial materials that have also been criticized by the animal rights organization for years.

mandala X Peta Approved Vegan

In order to facilitate fashion manufacturers who act animal-friendly and make consumers easier to buy animal-friendly clothing, the PETA Approved Vegan label has been available for several years. This label guarantees that a piece of clothing is made vegan, i.e. without animal components. You can read more about this certificate and all certified fashion labels here.

Certifications at mandala

As a sustainable and fair fashion label, we have several certifications that we are very proud of. With the PETA Approved Vegan certificate, our customers can make sure to buy vegan yoga clothes from MANDALA. In addition, our GOTS certificate guarantees that we don't just act eco friendly, but also pay fair wages and social security for the workers in the production of our organic cotton styles. These two certifications reflect our philosophy: neither human, environment nor animal should be harmed by our yoga wear.

You can find all certifications here.