Yoga für Schwangere

Yoga for pregnancy

As a gentle sport, yoga is perfect for pregnant women. Read more here! And find comfortable clothing that also takes part in the yoga class ...


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Yoga for pregnant women - and the perfect clothing for it

Some women hear as soon as they find out that they are pregnant, suddenly with any kind of sport - the worry is that they could strain and harm the child. Sport in moderation is even healthy for the expectant mother, because: Movement clears the head, strengthens the immune system and better supplies the body with oxygen. It is known that sporty women suffer less from pregnancy complaints and also experience birth more easily.

But not every sport is allowed for pregnant women. Taboo are sports with violent vibrations and abrupt movements, e.g. B. many ball sports such as basketball, volleyball or football. Table tennis is also not a good choice because of the pointed edges of the plate. On the other hand isYoga ideal for pregnant women.Many women who hadn't really done anything with Indian teaching before discover in this special time how well yoga is doing. The combination of physical exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and relaxing elements, e.g. B. Singing Mantras, ensuring a completely cozy feeling. It is best to look for a special course "Yoga for pregnant women", in which the teacher takes into account her special needs and knows which yoga exercises you or you have to leave out, because: Even in yoga, not all exercises for pregnant women are also suitable! Nice contacts with like -minded people are of course often included in the course "Yoga for pregnant women" ...

Just take a look around here in the shop! You will definitely find a great one Outfit For your course "Yoga for pregnant women"! And how can you "pack up" your growing tummy in the yoga course? Best with our beautiful ones Yoga pants. The organic cotton used by us is harmful to harmful substances and particularly soft. Thanks to the excellent workmanship, no oppressive seams interfere, and the flexible roller covenant leaves enough space in the last trimester. Our widely cut to the yoga pants goYoga shirts