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At Mandala you will find exactly the yoga clothes you have always searched: fashionable, chic, traded in organic quality and fair. Discover now!

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Donate in beautiful yoga clothes!

We are very happy that the Mandala Online Shop has gone live. And would be even happy if they are also happy - because they are hereexactly the yoga find clothes you have always searched! 

For example the Yoga Shirts In many different colors - and with beautiful (hidden) details such as satin loops, pretty cords or spells from Zen philosophy. Or the Yoga Tops with incorporated support bra, which ensures perfect fit.

More yoga clothes complacent? With pleasure!

How about one of our "classics", the mandala Yogahose? Whether straightforward far or tight - thanks to the excellent workmanship and flat seams you are always comfortable to wear. But we have to warn you: It could be that you no longer want to take off your mandala yogaose ... also superbequem are the Yoga jackets, most of them hooded so they can really "suck out". And at the Yoga accessories Find great bags for your yoga utensils, scarves and more - these are also absolutely everyday and road suitable.

The best but is: all the yoga clothes of Mandala are produced in organic quality and fair. We attach great importance to that. But now you have fun with browse and shopping

P.S. Incidentally, ideas, as you can combine our yoga clothes, offers the Lookbook.

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