Yoga Tops

Mandala Yoga Tops offer a perfect fit - and are also charming beautiful. Discover here yoga tops of organic cotton, yogaose u. V. M.!


Yoga tops that just sit well - and more

Anyone who has ever participated in a yoga hour knows that the movement barely limits here - and that the more you become a body-skinned type of yoga, such as: As Ashtanga Yoga, has prescribed. It is therefore important that the clothes in the yoga hours "all participate" and not traversed. And if you - as with Mandala - is still easy to care for and looks out of eco-cotton and looks beautiful, the friends on the exercise practice is actually nothing in the way. Mandala Designer Nathalie Prieger has been enthusiastic yoga student for years; So you know from my own experience, whereupon it arrives at the cut of yoga tops, pants, shirts or jackets - and also has a weakness for beautiful, flattering fabrics and playful details.

What you need about yoga clothes? Well-sitting Yogahose Are a must (and also ideal for a leisurely evening at home on the couch, but only on the edge ... :-). Many decide for the classic Yoga Shirts. Who disturb the small sleeves at the shirts is with the Yoga Tops on this pagewell advised. Thanks to the built-up support Bras, you can be sure that the Mandala Yoga Tops does not "slip" - they should eventually focus on their exercises! To warm up or after the yoga hour, a cuddly recommended Yoga jacket.

Are you looking for inspiration? Our LookBook offers ideas for the perfect Yoga outfit out of Yoga Tops, Yogahose and more. And if you find something that makes your heart beat faster, order it best here in the shop!