We’ve carefully selected a range of accessories that we know yoginis will love. Like beautiful, yoga-themed jewellery that works on and off the mat, and stainless steel water bottles that keep your drink hot or cold and cut down on plastic waste.

    Yoga Accessories at Mandala's

    We believe that less is more. Therefore, we can offer you especially selected Yoga accessories for your daily Yoga practice.

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  • Handmade Jewelry
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  • S’well Bottlers for Your Yoga Session

    Drinking sufficient water is essential for a healthy body – and naturally, this is also true during your Yoga session or other sport activities. An environmental-friendly way to provide your body regularly with enough water, is to have your own water bottle with normal tap water. S'well Bottles made of stainless steel are the perfect choice here. These bottles in modern design not only look beautiful, but can also be stored well and keep your drink cold. With your own S'well Bottle, you are always well taken care of and a refreshing sip of water is only a hand’s distance away. You prefer to drink hot tea? Even then, the S'well Bottle is the perfect companion for you because it keeps the tea hot all day long.

    Handmade Jewelry made by JAY JAY DESIGN

    If you do not want to be completely without jewelry, then you should take a closer look at the handmade jewelry made by JAY JAY DESIGN: filigree chains, pendants and bracelets to combine with your stylish Yoga outfit. All pieces are caringly crafted by hand in Munich and are an absolute eye-catcher in every Yoga class. For all trendsetters, the latest hit are the new Creole Pendants in gold and silver with a lotus or gemstone pendant.