Loose Tops

    Free-flowing Tops

    Prefer a looser cut to your yoga top? We’ve got that covered too. For practice, our flattering, free-flowing tops work perfectly with a yoga bra or a figure-hugging yoga top underneath. And for everyday wear, they work with just about anything!

    You also enjoy having it cozy and casual with Yoga? Then our Mandala Loose Tops are just the right thing for you. Loosely cut, they flatter every figure and ensure a relaxed style. They can be perfectly combined for the Layer Look with our Yoga bra or with one of our tight-fitting Yoga tops. Even in your daily life, you will look great in our loose top: If you want to wear them outdoors, you can match them with your jeans and accessories. You do not have a loose top? Then it is about time!

    Loose Tops For Yoga Practice

    Our Mandala Loose Yoga Tops are an absolutely amazing and figure-flattering alternative to our skin-tight Yoga tops. Certainly, as not everyone likes tight clothing and we enjoy creating a comfortable fit without neglecting the cut for active sports-wear. The loose fit of a stylish and feminine loose top makes figure problems disappear. With our loose Yoga tops you can relax after your workout without bothering about if something is slipping.

    Not Just A Loose Top

    Unlike how the term may seem at first, our Loose Yoga Tops with their removable pads and Support Bra provide a comfortable fit in any situation. Our Loose Tops are also available without support available, therefore, wonderfully to be combined with a trendy Mandala Bra or tight Yoga top for a cool Layer Look. That is what makes our Loose Tops so unique:

  • Comfortable, soft grip
  • Cozy and figure-flattering cut
  • Ideal for light yoga
  • Breathable fabrics with perfect moisture regulation
  • No scratchy seams or tight fabrics
  • Trendy colors and prints
  • Look Great, Feel Great, Practice Great

    Of course, our Loose Yoga Tops out of Modal are not only just trendy and stylish.
    The quality of the soft and breathable Modal is biologically degradable as well, thus offering a sustainable alternative of the nature-oriented Yogic attitude towards life to your own body. Loose tops out of sustainable Tencel are produced from the raw-material wood. This fabric is also very soft and breathable, so you can wear it with good conscience when practicing Yoga.

    How to Maintain Your Mandala Loose Yoga Top

    Our unique fabric out of Modal and Organic Cotton blend can be washed at 30°C without any problem. If you want to take care of your product even more, a cotton wash helps. For the styles with built-in pads, please remove them before washing, otherwise, they can deform badly. This is very easy to do, just pull the pads out from the small open seams inside the top. Loose Tencel tops can also be washed at 30°C. Always follow washing instructions so you can wear your Yoga items of clothing as long as possible.