Die Heldenreise im Yoga als Weg zur Selbstentfaltung

The hero's journey in yoga as a path to self-development

The hero's journey is an old universal narrative pattern that the heroine's personal development tripdescribes. We also come into our lives with a certain task and go through different exams on the journey to ourselves. Yoga teacher Ranja Weis describes how Yoga can support us on the personal hero's journey.
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What is a hero's journey?

The hero's journey is an old universal narrative model that the heroine's personal development trip on the way to his- or herself describes. The greatest legends, fairy tales, myths, epics and modern blockbusters use this archaic narrative pattern to touch people in the depth of their being. This works so well because we are basically all on our individual hero's trip. We all come into our lives with a certain task. When we accept it, the inner journey begins, which presents us with various exams and challenges. By mastering these challenges, we experience one maturing process in which we develop more strength and consciousness, discover our own values ​​and take responsibility for ourselves and others. Above all, this inner path opens for the divine in us and love.

How yoga supports on the personal hero's trip

We can use yoga effectively to support our personal development. If we voluntarily get involved in the inner heroic journey in yoga, we can not only experience ourselves more intensely, deeper and loving. We will also develop from the viewer to the player in our adventure called life, and can consciously invite more joy, lightness and liveliness.

Ranja Weis in warrior pose

In Hatha yoga we can, for example consciously use warrior poses to support our male, warlike side (also as women). If we develop personality shares such as strength, endurance, focus and the constructive, energetic aspect of our anger, this can help us to set healthy boundaries and to make progress on our life.

In addition, we can use Yin Yoga to integrate our female side more and strengthen our abilities of acceptance and unconditional love. Because in Yin Yoga we mainly practice seating and hip -open positions that we hold over a longer period of time, we often come into contact with repressed essential shares and feelings. Leaving these feelings and taking it to the end often has a redeeming, healing effect. If a long-term sadness can dissolve in tears, we can widen our heart and make space for new.

What are the benefits of this hero trip?

Ranja Weis in warrior pose

For this inner path we need an attitude of courage and voluntary intensity. If we voluntarily and courageously face our topics, life often has experiences of unexpected joy and passion for us. The hero Siegried courageously takes various exams in the Nibelungen saga. The fight with the dragon stands for confrontation with your own shadow aspects, just like the entire hero's trip is a symbolic examination of the inner powers of the soul. In the end, Siegfried is allowed to marry Kriemhild and prevail over his country as a king. So, if we take our challenges courageously and voluntarily, we can climb  our inner throne and gain more awareness, ability to love and joie de vivre, because we now know (or at least have an idea of ​​it) who we are.

About the author Ranja Weis:
Ranja Weis yoga teacher

Ranja is one of the best yoga teachers in Germany and regularly teaches at Patrick Broome's yoga studio in Munich. There she practices Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and Yoga Nidra. Her spiritual path is characterized by meditation and yoga, as well as working with shamans. Therefore, her hours also include techniques such as trance work and various forms of energy work.

Similar to the topic of this blog post, Ranja will give a workshop in the Patrick Broome Yoga Studio Maistraße in Munich on November 13, 2022. All information and the link to registration can be found here.