Fairtrade fashion

Know what's behind the products and pay honest work well - that's Fairtrade Fashion. Find here Ecological Fairtrade Fashion for Yoga and more!

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Fairtrade fashion - take responsibility for humans and nature

Behind the scenes of the fashion world look, ask where the raw materials come from, as they are produced and processed, which has the production for impact on people and nature - that was designer Nathalie Prieger always important. When they succeeded in time for millennium change with their own label, there was therefore only one collection in question thatFairtrade fashion with ecological aspectsAssociation - and also relation to your favorite hobby, yoga, took. That was the birth of Mandala Fashion. Fairtrade fashion is manufactured in small farms in India and Turkey, which regularly visits Nathalie and the z. B. especially the work of women with a fair reward rewarded and thus allows you a livable future. Recently, a separate manufacturing facility in China came to it.

The current development on the world market sees Nathalie with concern: "The quantum price increase in commodity markets will cause merciless competition in the garment sector. The permanent undercut already generates an enormous financial pressure that the "weakest" in the chain must suffer; From retail staff in market-dominating vertical chains, approaching production countries and the farmers in the Third World. "

What you can do about it? Class instead of mass. Consciousness create that we can all help that this world become fairer. And a selected consumption. We would be glad if you find something for yourself in our collection of Fairtrade Fashion, which you carry long with enthusiasm. Take a look at ours Yogahose, Yoga Shirts , Yoga Tops or Yoga jackets at! Maybe you fall in love with one of our handwoven Indian silk scarves?

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