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With organic clothing they support social working conditions and ecological production. Discover the organic clothing from Mandala now!

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Organic clothing: for a good skin feeling and a better world

Did you know that conventionally grown cotton consumed 22.5% of insecticides and 11% of pesticides worldwide? If you hear them for the first time, you can hardly believe these numbers. Nathalie Prieger, designer of the Organic clothing by Mandala Fashion, has experienced with our own eyes, which means the use of the chemicals for the people and last but not least for the environment in the producing third countries: "My husband and I considered to produce our organic fashion collection in India. We were shocked in view of the states in The factories. Many workers suffered from the use of pesticides under aircraft problems and allergies. We did not want to support this system! "

In 2010, the couple founded their own company in China, which produces the fabrics and clothing for certified standards - and also guarantee fair wages. The fact that everything "with right things" is approaching and the customer lasts really organic clothes in the hands that deserves this name, - this checks the independent control body IMO (Institute for Market Ecology) and the Control Union at regular intervals. In addition, Nathalie and her husband are also regularly on site. "A partnership-related working relationship in which both sides work with the same ethical values ​​- that was important to us."

The organic clothing biologically attached cotton also has a pleasant side effect: it is particularly soft and cuddly. Experience it even with the Yogahose, Yoga Shirts, Yoga Tops or Yoga jackets From Mandala Fashion!

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