Organic fashion

For over 10 years, Mandala has been consistent organic fashion, which is still produced fairly. Let yourself be inspired by the yoga collection!

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Organic fashion of the first hour

For over 10 years, designer has created Nathalie Prieger Yoga clothes with a special attention to a fair and sustainable production. This was one of the first, the organic fashion not only propagated but consistently and lived in all work steps.

The idea for the Mandala Organic Fashion collection came to her on a trip to India. Here she had withdrawn when her job as a chief designer in a large Munich fashion label was too much. "I realized that everything was about me to be about me. Hardly anyone looked behind the scenes - and what z. B. the low purchase prices for people in the producing third countries and nature meant. At some point it was clear to me: I can and no longer wants to be part of it. "

Back in Germany, Nathalie moved her own little Organic fashion Labelwith yoga clothing up - consisting of Yogahose, Yoga Tops,Yoga Shirts, Yoga jackets and suitableaccessories. Later, wellness fashion came to it.
Characteristic are a very feminine, soft style - and the attention to detail, which shows, for example in the typical Mandala Labeling: Hand-made zen lucky claims and Zen lucky charms vary from model to model.

The Mandala collection is therefore in the best sense for Organic Fashion: the symbiosis of chic, portable fashion - and the good feeling, has become too curious for a better environment? Then just browse here in the shop! Despite you will also find an organic fashion that you are excited!


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