Yoga Teacher Ranja Weis: "Yoga hat mir geholfen, gesund zu werden"

Yoga Teacher Ranja Weis: "Yoga helped me to be healthy"

The reasons to start with yoga are different in most. For yoga teacher Ranja Weis the way to yoga was a real turnaround.In the interview, the Munich reveals why yoga has changed her life and why she no longer wants to give up the benefits of yoga practice.

The reasons to start with yoga are different in most. For yoga teacher Ranja Weis the way to yoga was a real turnaround.In the interview, the Munich reveals why yoga has changed her life and why she no longer wants to give up the benefits of yoga practice.

How did you come to yoga?

On a very unconventional and exciting way: in the Amazon during a shaman ceremony. I was there at that time because I was very ill, and I was crazy or desperate enough to believe that could help me. And it helped. And for some reason, made me the idea of ​​starting with yoga. I then had my first yoga class in Rio de Janeiro. Since then it has not released me anymore. Yoga has helped me to greatly get healthy, and my life has been crucial in the last 15 years and amazingly enriched.

Has a holistic way of life in your life always played a role?

No, on the contrary: I am very careless with me at my studies. I had no idea who I was and what I should do with my life. I fished badly, barely moved, drink alcohol, smoked. When I return today to time, I know that I almost did not feel. It is no wonder that my body has stricter sometime. I am very grateful today for this wake-up call. He brought me to my way and given me with yoga incredibly beautiful moments and deep insights.

You specialize in Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. What fascinates you?

I like the peace and depth. If you lead a sophisticated life, maybe children has and a profession with a lot of responsibility, these techniques provide optimal compensation for me. You drive an effectively down and set the entire system to zero. Similar to a reset with the computer. The stress disappears, you sleep deep and relaxing. In addition, you can learn to feel. Even those feelings that have no place in everyday life, e.g. Anger, grief. If we want to displace them and do not feel, they are not gone. On the contrary, you are more likely to become the tendency to be stronger and in some moments to take control. Then maybe we say something that is suffering from us. But if we learn to leave these feelings for a short time and really feel, they lose their power. This is a cleaning on a holistic level, not only physically. After that we can relax much deeper and really regenerate.

Yoga is not a classic sport, but looks at many levels. How does Yoga influence your life positively every day?

The physical aspect of Yoga has gained extremely important in recent years, and yoga has a lot to give in the area: Health, power and agility. But you also have to be careful: Anyone who practices intensively Vinyasa brings too much heat into the system and burns out in the long run. Apart from the fact that then the other aspects of yoga hardly come to wear. Yoga has so much to offer. In Yoga Nitra we use techniques to get in areas of subconscious and there behaviors and imprint "reprogramming", which are not useful. In Yin Yoga we can get in touch with our deepest wishes and longings, find our dreams and visions. But whatever we practice, whether we deal with our body or dive into other dimensions, we should do it with love. Love should be the main ingredient of any spiritual practice. The yoga practice can achieve all sorts of results. For awakening, she only leads with love.

What does your daily yoga practice look like?


I wish I had one! I have a 2-year-old daughter, I'm single and self-employed. The time I could practice yoga daily lies back over 2 years. A daily practice would help me to handle the burdens such as lack of sleep, etc., and mainly bring more balance into a challenging and unstable life phase. Unfortunately, I often do not have the time. Nevertheless, I can say that exactly these two years have taught me in relation to yoga, because I was forced that I've learned what I have learned not only in the quiet oasis of my room, but in the middle of the beaming marketplace (or playground: ) to practice. And even without any practice, the thoughts to calm down, to be quiet and felt connected.

You decided to make yoga not only for yourself, but also work as a yoga teacher. What moved you?

I just loved it too much. It took too much space in my life, as if I could only operate it as a hobby. Although I'm not a guy who likes to sit down and talk about other people. For years, my first impulse was to get up and run away. I mean that in the meantime, because I know that I have something to give. And that is the most important. As yoga teacher, you put yourself in the service of people who come to you. Who wants to polish only his ego and needs applause, is out of place. Who wants to earn a lot of money as well. You really have to love this job, otherwise it does not work.


If you get to know someone who has no idea of ​​yoga, and would like to bring the practice closer - what would you convince him about it?

I would invite him to my lessons. :)

Yoga Teacher Ranja Weis


Dear Ranja, thank you for the interview!