Inklusion in der Yoga-Community: Eine offene und einladende Umgebung für LGBTQIA+ schaffen

Inclusion in the yoga community: Creating an open and welcoming environment for LGBTQIA+

Yoga is a practice that has inspired people all over the world for centuries and helped them balance their body and mind. In our modern society, which is becoming increasingly diverse, it is crucial that the yoga community adapts to this diversity and creates an inclusive environment where people of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome. We have some tips for all yogis on how we can create an open atmosphere for everyone together.
Earth Day 2024: Planet vs. Plastics

Earth Day 2024: Planet vs. Plastics

On April 22, 2024, we celebrate Earth Day under the international motto "Planet vs. The impact of plastic waste on the environment is devastating. Animals die in agony by becoming entangled in plastic or accidentally swallowing it. Plastic particles enter the food chain and can ultimately also be dangerous for humans. In addition, the production of plastic contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases and thus exacerbates climate change.
Neujahrsvorsätze: so schaffst du es leichter, sie wirklich umzusetzen

New Year's resolutions: how to actually implement them

The new year has started and with it the traditional good intentions have been set. We all know this too well: do more sports, eat healthier, find time for ourselves - the list is often long and ambitious. But how can we ensure that our resolutions not only remain wishes, but are actually implemented? With mindfulness as the key, these resolutions can become tangible. Here are some tips on how you can implement your resolutions with mindfulness.
Tipps für eine nachhaltige Garderobe

Tips for a sustainable wardrobe

The fashion industry is one of the dirtiest industries worldwide. Due to our excessive consumption, we contribute to shortening the life cycle of a garment and more and more production. We show you how to make your wardrobe more sustainable and design stylish, long-lasting outfits with your yoga wear.
Internationaler Frauentag und Weiblichkeit

International Women's Day and femininity

Yoga teacher Ranja Weis shares her thoughts on World Women's Day and its current importance for our society. This special day is not only a political day of action, but also gives us female values ​​that we should all live more.
Premium Yogakleidung aus Industrieabfällen und Fischernetzen – Econyl jetzt auch bei MANDALA

Premium yoga clothing from industrial waste and fishing nets - Econyl now also at MANDALA

Arguably the highest quality fabric made from waste is Econyl. The sustainable fabric is made from fabric scraps, carpet, plastic, old fishing nets and other leftovers from industry and thus contributes decisively to the circular economy. Econyl's properties make it ideal for yoga wear, which is why it is a must in our collection.
Black History Month: Diese Yoginis inspirieren uns

Black History Month: These yoginis inspire us

February is Black History Month. This is why we want to show you some people of color in our Yoga Community, whom we follow. They provide us with inspiring content on yoga, mindfulness, activism and stories from their everyday life.
Wieder fühlen lernen

Learn to feel again

Many of us have forgotten to feel and express feelings. Yoga can help us learn to feel again, which is why a lot practice yin yoga. In this post, yoga teacher Ranja Weis will explain how we can get access to our emotional world and lead a life full of joy, compassion and love.
Stoffkunde: mehr wissen, besser kaufen

Fabric knowledge: know more, buy better

In the product description, terms such as Jersey or Sweat suddenly appear. But what exactly are the properties of these fabrics? In the second part, our fabric knowledge, we explain the most important types of fabric and bring even more light into the dark - for more perspective and better purchase decisions in your yoga clothing.