Wieder fühlen lernen

Learn again

Many of us have forgotten to feel and express feelings. Yoga can help us learn to feel again, which is why a lot practice yin yoga. In this post, yoga teacher Ranja Weis will explain how we can get access to our emotional world and lead a life full of joy, compassion and love.
Stoffkunde: mehr wissen, besser kaufen

Fabric knowledge: know more, buy better

In the product description, terms such as Jersey or Sweat suddenly appear. But what exactly are the properties of these fabrics? In the second part, our fabric knowledge, we explain the most important types of fabric and bring even more light into the dark - for more perspective and better purchase decisions in your yoga clothing.
Materialkunde: mehr wissen, besser kaufen

Materials explained: know more, buy better

When searching for the new favorite piece, just checking which materials it is made of. Who is not familiar with that? A very important factor, especially with sports clothing, is a breathable, elastic and fast-drying fabric. While terms such as jersey or sweat mostly appear in the product description, the washing instructions suddenly only have cotton or modal. Somehow confusing. But where exactly is the difference?
Die Heldenreise im Yoga als Weg zur Selbstentfaltung

The hero's journey in yoga as a path to self-development

The hero's journey is an old universal narrative pattern that the heroine's personal development tripdescribes. We also come into our lives with a certain task and go through different exams on the journey to ourselves. Yoga teacher Ranja Weis describes how Yoga can support us on the personal hero's journey.
MANDALA Yoga Wear mit PETA Approved Vegan Label

MANDALA Yoga Wear with Peta Approved Vegan Label

Our Yoga collection has been completely vegan since 2019 and has been awarded the PETA Approved Vegan Label. This certificate ensures that clothes are produced without animal components. That not only includes the fabrics of our yoga clothing, but also colors, buttons, seams and more. This way we ensure you don't only have a good feeling wearing MANDALA, but also buying it.
Interview mit Yoga Influencerin Sara Ticha

Interview with Yoga Influencer Sara Ticha

Sara Ticha is a yoga teacher and influencer. She has also published a book about journaling. She practices self-love, yoga and meditation regularly and shares it with us on her Instagram channel. We talked with Sara about her passion for yoga, journaling and routines.
Vegane Seide: die ökologische und tierfreundliche Alternative

Vegan silk: the ecological and cruelty-free alternative

Vegan silk is conquering our closet. The sustainable, cruelty-free alternative convinces with its properties and is produced in a closed loop from waste products of the fashion industry. This is beneficial for people, the environment and animals. We have also discovered this innovative fabric for our new yoga collection.
Alessandro Sigismondi: Mein Drishti, mein Leben

Alessandro Sigismondi: My Drishti, my life

Alessandro Sigismondi is a passionate and one of the best yoga photographers worldwide. He is regularly behind the camera for MANDALA. With his eye for detail, for poses and the special mood, every photo becomes a work of art. He talks about how he got into yoga and photography and tells us about his new project, the Drishti Box.
Gesundheit und Selbstverantwortung

Health and personal responsibility

We can all strengthen our immune system and thus not only prevent diseases, but also live a happy and fulfilled life. Yoga, time in nature, restful sleep and a healthy diet contribute significantly to strengthening the immune system.