Bio fashion

Mandala offers chic, feminine organic fashion for the yoga area, z. B. Yogahose, yoga tops and much more. Right here in the Store!

Good news for Fashionistas and Yoginis: The Mandala Shop is online! If bio fashion was previously available in Yoga Studios, Lifestyle Concept Stores and exclusive boutiques, all yoga-enthusiastic worldwide can now be easily ordered from home. Under the motto "Who carries fashion can also bear responsibility" Mandala offersOrganic fashion, which was still produced under fair working conditions,for the yoga area.

The spectrum of organic fashion is enough by softenYogahose, about Yoga Shirtsin many gentle colors to perfectly seated Yoga Tops(with incorporated support bra) or cuddly Yoga jackets.

Something very special are the Temple scarf. You will be woven by about 20 families in a village near Varanasi, India, on a traditional hand loom. The villagers have such a secure income - and can send their children to school. "Help for self-help" is the principle. The project also applies deliberately existing knowledge and traditions: so the area around Varanasi has been known for centuries for its silk weave.

With the organic fashion of Mandala, they are not only very attracted to their yoga hours, but also have the good feeling of having an active contribution to a better environment and equitable working conditions. Take a look at the organic fashion from Mandala here in the shop just closer!