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In the Mandala Shop, you can now buy wonderful yoga clothing online - guaranteed ecologically produced + still really chic. Read more!

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Great yoga clothing online - in Mandala Shop

Welcome to the brand new Mandala shop, where you can easily order our yoga clothing online! But there are not "any" parts you get from us. The yoga clothing of Mandala stands under the motto "Eco de Luxe": "Eco" because we pay attention to ecological criteria in production (all organic cotton products, low-peculiarity), "De Luxe" because we think that "Ökoklamotten" has long no longer need to remember 70s-year potato bags! The Mandala Collection is a loving and feminine style, with meaning for beautiful details. In addition, there is a high-quality workmanship with flat stitching, which are very pleasant in yoga. Mandala yoga clothing is therefore the perfect combination of natural materials and fashionable claim. This makes the Mandala collection ideal for yoga and one of its principles: Be good to yourself, to your body - and good to your environment and your fellow human beings.

If the parts of the Mandala collection were previously available especially in selected shops and yoga studios, they can now be the Buy Yoga Clothing online.Discover z. B. our cuddly Yogahose or warming Yoga jackets. Looking for your new favoriteYoga shirt out of! Or are you rather a fan of Yoga Tops?

Are you looking for inspiration? Our LookBook offers ideas for the perfect combination of yoga clothing - To view here online. Or you just browse in our shop and create your own dream station wagon!

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