Mandala Yogahosen provide optimal wearing comfort for their yoga classes. Organic and chic - the yoga doses make every movement. Learn more now!

Comfortable and chic yogaose that come with every movement.

Meditation or headstand - high-quality yoga doses do not slip, no matter what movement they are making. Actually, the harmony of body, mind and soul should be strengthened in the yoga-hour. However, the concentration can distract the twepping or uncomfortable clothing quickly.

the Yogaose of MandalaStay right where they belong. Optimum comfort and boundless freedom of movement Let it recharge your batteries without being disturbed by getting clothes. The wearing comfort convinces: comfortable and elastically, the mandala yoga doses nestle to the body. If one or the other should be difficult to take off the pleasant pants, it can also be comfortable at home with yogaose. Best suited for a relaxing day in your own home.

Mandala designer Nathalie Prieger pays attention to the quality and naturalness of the processed materials. Jackets, Shirts, Tops or Pants - For your garments it uses only organic cotton, which is colored pollutant. The idea of ​​sustainability reflects itself in the seams manufactured from natural fiber yarns.

The design is determined by playful details and flattering substances. With the yoga doses of Mandala you will feel completely well. The cuts range from tightly attached to degraded far. Here is something for every taste.

Comfortable, organic and chic - the mandala yoga doses adapt optimally to your body. How to make a good figure at your next yoga class! Discover more mandala highlights now!