Behind The Scenes: So entsteht unsere neue Yoga-Kollektion

Behind the Scenes: How Our New Collection Is Created

How do we create a new yoga collection? In this blogpost, you can take a look behind the scenes how we work on our new Mandala collection! Discover more about our goals and new trends for spring 2019!

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In fashion, we are always one step ahead: When in spring and autumn our new Looks are on display in the shops, we are already working on the new collection for the following year. But how does a sustainable Yoga collection come about? Why not take a look behind the scenes by joining us in our office on Lake Starnberg to go through the first steps of creating our new Spring Collection 2019.

The First Steps: Color, Color, Color

Mandala stands for a balanced match of sporty Active Wear and feminine Elegance - and this is also reflected in the color palette we select. Thus, a catchy and harmonious color concept is the primary step in developing a new style. It is the latest colors of trendy influences from all over the world that inspire us to create harmonious color schemes. An important event for detecting the colors of a new season is the textile fair in Munich, the Munich Fabric Start. There, among other presented innovations, the Pantone colors can be viewed; these colors play a major role each season in creating our color scheme. Foremost, it is of greatest importance, despite all new influences, for us to remain true to our typical Mandala-Colors when selecting a well-balanced match.

Finding The Perfect Combination 

Once the colors have been determined, the next step is: Choosing the optimal material! Depending on the textile group, the same color may vary in its hue on different material texture, so our fabric producers make differing color texture samples for us. From these samples, we select which material is to be produced in which color. Basically, a clear and coherent color palette is of vital importance for our collections, and, ultimately, for creating a rounded-up result. Depending on the textile group which we put together, we usually can offer between five to ten colors. 

New Styles, Time-Withstanding Classics  

At the onset of every season, the same question confronts us: which styles have appealed to our customers and which are the ones to continue to stay on in the collection? In planning the new collection, we also study the sales figures of the last season. Based on these facts, and with the help of a direct customer feedback, we determine which Looks will be part pf the theme of the new collection. Regularly, we also include certain classics to stay on for several seasons. These are the ones that our customers love, so we always try to improve these even more - be it through a minor detail change, a new color or even a better fit.

Then we concentrate on the new styles: For Spring 2019, we have planned even more new Looks than usually number – so, it remains exciting! Our inspiration for new cuts is generated from practically everywhere, whether it is from the Yoga studio next door or various other studios, the international press or on the streets in Milan, Paris, New York or London. Here, there is no limit to creativity.

When all the innovative ideas have been selected, the next step is getting in touch with our production sites in Turkey and China. We create model sheets specifying the work steps. In this way we can work together over long distances. Prior to creating our sample collection, with which we present styles to buyers of large fashion houses, online stores or Yoga studios, we first produce a prototype for every style. These prototypes go through a tough test. They are tried on by models and reworked on countless times until their fit is perfect and we are completely satisfied with the harmony of design, fabric and fit. In total, we work on a new collection for about 16 weeks.

How Spring 2019 will be

The Spring Collection 2019 we are working on at present has one main trend: Less is More. Less contrasts and more tone in tone is our focus. Also, the subject, the Bra, is still on our main focus. Here, among other details, we want to integrate adjustable straps into our product - for an optimal fit for every figure. And, of course, there are some other novelties too, such as leggings made out of castor oil ... more we are not revealing yet!