Tipps für eine nachhaltige Garderobe

Tips for a sustainable wardrobe

The fashion industry is one of the dirtiest industries worldwide. Due to our excessive consumption, we contribute to shortening the life cycle of a garment and more and more production. We show you how to make your wardrobe more sustainable and design stylish, long-lasting outfits with your yoga wear.

Textile production has doubled in the past 10 years. At the same time, the time span, which we wear a piece of clothing, decreased by 40%. That means: We buy twice as much and only wear the clothes half as long as it was 10 years ago. A terrifying development that is promoted by fast fashion and thus makes the textile industry the second worst polluting economic sector.

But there is also good news. Because more and more consumers are becoming aware of the negative effects of fast fashion and excessive consumption they try to buy less and more consciously. We have a few tips for you that help you to wear and buy your yoga clothing more sustainably.

1. Muck out

First of all, you should be aware of how much you actually have. Cleaning guru Marie Kondo recommends putting all clothes on one pile. You will be surprised by the big mountain of clothing so that it is easier for you to say goodbye to some pieces. Take each part in your hand and consider whether you still enjoy wearing them. Everything you still like comes back into your wardrobe. You can donate the rest or resell if it is still well preserved.

2. Buy less with higher quality

The first step is made, your wardrobe is muckled. Are you still missing anything? If you buy new sports fashion or daywear again, go for high-quality clothing. You can wear high-quality fabrics with good workmanship longer and you will also treat them better. Our entire collection is produced sustainably and fairly. The consistently high quality ensures that you can wear your yoga clothing for as long as possible.

3. Find your own style

Fashion is in a constant change and there are always new trends. Bright colors, flower prints or striking details are eye-catchers, but also quickly out of fashion. In the long run, it is better for your wallet and the environment not to chase every trend and to establish your own style. Your favorite sweater or printed leggings are always stylish. Of course, a few highlight pieces enhance your wardrobe. You should only think about whether you want to wear the clothes because you like it and they fit your style or because they are fashionable.

4. Versatile clothing as a basis

Even if it is tempting to grab clothes with colorful prints, glitter or much color: these are difficult to combine with each other. Therefore, primarily use single-color active wear, which can be combined in many ways and keep only a few of these striking parts. Even with basics you can always create a new, exciting look. Your Yoga Kimono not only fits your favorite bra excellently, but also goes with a bikini or summer dress. You can not only wear your black legging for sports, but also for shopping with your best friend.

Since you now have less in your wardrobe, you naturally have to combine the individual clothes in several ways. Every time you have found a nice combination, you can take pictures of it and create a gallery with outfits that you can watch and style at any time as inspiration.

How do we contribute to a sustainable wardrobe as a label?

Daywear and Yoga Wear von MANDALAIs there no double standard to promote less consumption and sell clothes yourself? For us at MANDALA the focus is on sustainable and fair production. We use renewable raw materials or recycled materials for our fabrics to protect the resources of our earth.

We avoid overproduction by producing only the yoga wear ordered by our dealers. In our styles, we also make sure that we offer many single-color basics that can be combined in many ways - even with colors from our previous collections. Our yoga clothes consist of high-quality fabrics and are processed with the latest techniques so that they are particularly durable.

There is still no sustainable yoga top or yoga pants in your wardrobe? Then just browse through our online shop.