Yoga Teacher Sinah Diepold: "Yoga ist mein Kompass"

Yoga Teacher Sinah Diepold: "Yoga is my compass"

In 2018, Sinah Diepold opened her first Yoga studio "Kale&Cake" with her friend and co-founder in Munich. Discover more about her love to Yoga and what makes her yoga praxis so special. 

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Yoga has found a permanent place in the life of Yoga teacher and MANDALA testimonial, Sinah Diepold. A native of Munich, she has been practicing Yoga for years and has realized her dream by opening her own BodyMindTherapyStudio "Kale & Cake" together with her business partner. With her Yoga dancing style - strongly influenced by her professional dance training - she now inspires numerous Yoginis. She focuses on the procedure of practicing Yoga, the wave of the breathing flow and challenges body and mind to break out of familiar breathing habits.

In our interview, she spoke to us about what had led her to Yoga, her daily Yoga practice and what she loves about her Yoga studio.

"Yoga is my compass for a life in balance with myself, my fellow human beings and our environment." “ – Sinah Diepold

Yoga Teacher Sinah Diepold

What sparked your love for Yoga?

It was my first teacher-training course in Bali that really sparked my love for Yoga. Before, I would just enjoy stretching myself and ignored my breathing. I learned so much about myself there, sensed so much and finally had the feeling that I could break out of old habits that had stifled me for so long and I had thought I couldn't change. Yoga suddenly made me so happy, I never wanted to be without it again.

What kind of Yoga do you practice?

I love the flowing Vinyasa style, which also has many parallels to dancing. Simon Park trained me - especially in Liquid Flow Yoga, a very slow and fluid form of Vinyasa Yoga. It always brings me to myself, to my home within a very short time. I love the dancing movements, getting lost in motion and meditating by concentrating on my breathing. It is as though my body was made for it and nothing else is important any longer.

How has Yoga changed your life positively until now?

Yoga has changed my life in almost every aspect: How I treat myself, my fellow human beings and our planet. I keep coming back to the principles of Yoga: Either by questioning or by following the philosophical concepts, by practicing on the mat and finding my center, or by meditation. Coming to the principles of Yoga, I always question myself, if my decisions and actions have been contributing to something in the positive sense. I believe that one is responsible for maintaining three relationships, and Yoga teaches this as well: The relationship with yourself, with other human beings and with our planet. I align myself to my thoughts, to my spoken words and actions, in that I take care to leave the world a better place than I found it. Of course, I also try to stick to the Yamas and Niyamas, the Do's and Don'ts of Yoga, like Satya (to be honest) or Aparigraha (not hoarding things).

What is your daily Yoga practice like?

It differs. I always wish to practice in the morning, unfortunately, it doesn't always work out. But above all, I enjoy flowing intuitively on the mat following my breathing and being inspired by music alongside.

What has been your best experience with Yoga until now?

Uh, there are really a lot of them. I think, one of my absolute highlights was the opening of my own studio, seeing how persons can feel great with us and enjoy coming to bond with themselves. 


Yoga Teacher Sinah Diepold wearing Mandala Yogawear


More about Sinah

After studying Sports Science at the Technical University of Munich and completing her professional dance training at the Iwanson International in Munich, Sinah then practiced Contemporary Dance and Yoga in New York.

In 2015, she completed her first Yoga teacher-training in Bali. Simon Park has been her teacher since 2017. In 2018, together with business partner Sophia Thora, she opened the BodyMindTherapyStudio "Kale & Cake" in Munich.

Apart from Yoga, Sinah works as a model in the sports sector and is also the campaign face for Mandala. Through her social-media presence, she pushes for environmental protection and self-love and supports social organizations and foundations.