Imagine your personal yoga outfit!

.... And look forward to the perfect fit and loving details. A yoga outfit of Mandala is something very special - read more here!

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... and let us get from our Lookbook to inspire. Two a year - the season. Autumn / winter and spring / summer - Mandala presents its high-quality yoga outfits, just real "eco de luxe". At the same time, two flash programs occur - which can be ordered by business owners and do not require a longer pre-order period - a high special and an X-MAS special.

One thing has all programs and specials together: Every yoga outfit is something very special! Not only because we produce fair and in organic quality, but also because every step passion for excellent work, quality and beautiful things resonates. You do not think that's last on the small details that exist on almost every yoga outfit to discover. For example, an inspiring saying that comes to the eye only at second glance, a small application or decorated buttons or tapes. There is a separate "Mandala detection sign" on each individual yoga outfit: On the inside there is a printed motif dedicated to the wearer alone, to accompany and bring luck through the day. In the past these were z. B. Peace Doves, a lotus flower or a Buddhist mantra. Be curious what the future brings!

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