Bio-Based Polyamide

The ecological high performance fabric


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V-Style Legging
Sale price90.00 €
Basic High Rise Ankle Length
Sale price80.00 €
Carre Cropped Top
Sale price50.00 €
Carre Cropped Top + Basic High Rise Ankle Length
Sale price117.00 € Regular price130.00 €
Carre Cropped Top + V-Style Legging
Sale price126.00 € Regular price140.00 €

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Bio-Based Polyamide: made out of plant-based material

Since 2019 the fabric made out of castor oil is one of the bestsellers. The production is water saving and doesn't affect the food chain. The fabric is not only eco-friendly, but also ultra light, breathable and sweat wicking - to name just a few.

Production of bio-polyamide styles