Sustainable Yoga Wear for conscious Yoginis

The yogic lifestyle is characterized by compassion and mindfulness. Therefore, sustainability and an ecological approach to the resources of our earth are a basic requirement for us. All our products are made from sustainable natural fibers or recycled fabrics. A conscious and respectful treatment of our nature is a matter of the heart for us.

Lyocell / Tencel®

Lyocell (Tencel®) is a cellulose raw fiber derived from wood .

Its production is water-saving and non-polluting for the environment. Its texture is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. Lyocell provides an optimal skin climate and is hygienic, thanks to a near perfect moisture absorption. Quality guaranteed by Lenzing Company, Austria.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is an extremely robust natural fiber with a soft skin feel. It is particularly breathable, elastic and supports the natural skin function.

We only use organic cotton that is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or Textile Exchange. Organic cotton abstains from using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, therefore, protecting the environment.

Recycled Polyester

We use recycled polyester from old plastic bottles. This upcycling is good for the environment and protects the resource petroleum. Our styles made out of recycled polyester are ideal for sustainable Active Wear: they are Quick-Dry, have a 4-way stretch and are very gentle on the skin. .

Quality guaranteed by Repreve Recycled Polyester.


Our modal is made from Austrian beech wood and is ecologically degradable. Its CO2-neutral production saves energy and resources.

Its material texture has a silky shine and a soft feel. It is very elastic and breathable, therefore, ideal for sportswear. Its quality is guaranteed by Lenzing Company, Austria.

Bio-Based Polyamide

Made from the renewable raw material of the castor plant , this fabric is a sustainable and innovative alternative to conventional polyester.
Its high-performance properties are particularly impressive: 4-Way Stretch, Quick Dry and Memory Shape are just three of them.

The patented production is particularly water-saving and environmentally friendly.

How we take care of the planet