Pregnancy clothing

Does it have to be maternity wear? You can also "tricks" just at the beginning of pregnancy with clothing. Learn here, like!

Organic fashion

The organic fashion from Mandala connects the urban lifestyle with the "in itself-lame elements" of Far Eastern culture. Learn more here!

Organic clothes

With organic clothing they support social working conditions and ecological production. Discover the organic clothing from Mandala now!

Organic fashion

For over 10 years, Mandala has been consistent organic fashion, which is still produced fairly. Let yourself be inspired by the yoga collection!

Mandala yoga

The Mandala Yoga Fashion was one of the first consistently fair and green collections produced in Germany - and is still today. Read more here!

Fairtrade fashion

Know what's behind the products and pay honest work well - that's Fairtrade Fashion. Find here Ecological Fairtrade Fashion for Yoga and more!

Bio fashion

Mandala offers chic, feminine organic fashion for the yoga area, z. B. Yogahose, yoga tops and much more. Right here in the Store!
Materialkunde - Tencel in der Yogabekleidung von Mandala

Motorology - Tencel in the yoga clothing of Mandala

Tencel is a so-called "man-made cellulose fiber", that is, a fiber produced from natural raw materials industrially produced. It is made from Asian Eucalyptus wood from sustainable forestry and is biodegradable.

Mandala Yoga Mode – Green Chic at its best

What does Nathalie, as a pioneer of the "Greens' wishes for herself? "That consumers carefully consider what they spend their money on - more class than mass is the right way, in my opinion." Join us to the commitment to green fashion! And if you find something from the Mandala Yoga fashion collection here at our store , we are also very pleased .... :-)