Organic fashion

The organic fashion from Mandala connects the urban lifestyle with the "in itself-lame elements" of Far Eastern culture. Learn more here!

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Organic Fashion with Fashion Appeal

In yoga, it is often about the conscious handling - with yourself, the fellow human beings, the things around a around and nature. Designer Nathalie Prieger, even since years of enthusiastic yoga student, had the idea to bring together their two passions - yoga and fashion in 2000. It was important to her, also the aspect of the conscious handling, which plays a big role in yoga, to incorporate into her collection. Out cameOrganic fashion, which connects the urban lifestyle with the "detective elements" of Far Eastern culture:Mandala fashion. The mandala cuts are sensual and loose, with playful details. Gentle colors and flattering fabrics convey balance and relaxation. Contemporary, trend-right fit make the wellbeing models feminine. The philosophy is also reflected in the processing of clothing: naturalness, quality, love of crafts are important core aspects. All parts are also made of organic cotton, pawn pearly-colored and processed only with natural fiber yarns. So Mandala Fashion gradually developed the insider tip in Organic Fashion.

The spectrum of organic fashion ranges from soften Yogahose, about Yoga Shirts to perfectly seated Yoga Tops (with incorporated support bra) or cuddly Yoga jackets.

With the organic fashion from Mandala you can all be yourself and focus on your yoga exercises - and at the same time know that you have made your contribution to a better environment! Discover the organic fashion from Mandala here in the shop!