Pregnancy clothing

Does it have to be maternity wear? You can also "tricks" just at the beginning of pregnancy with clothing. Learn here, like!

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Pregnancy & Clothing - smart tips for the beginning

You are pregnant? Congratulations! With the growing rounding you will worry about what you want to wear the next 4, 5, 6 months. If you do not belong to those that already before the Pregnancy clothing for expectant mothersViewed with envy ("nice far! Beautifully comfortable!") And now immediately race into the next maternity department department, we have a few tips for you, as you can bridge the first few weeks well without maternity clothing.

  • Just leave the uppermost button with your pants. So that they still do not slip, they slake a hair rubber or a household rubber through the buttonhole and attach it to the button - so they win a few centimeters. So that not everyone equals their little trick, they can wrap a wide pashmine scarf around the hips or wear a wide belt.
  • Too short T-shirts can also be "extend" with a bem band.
  • Borrow a few more T-shirts from your loved one.
  • If it gets colder, they gained their cardigans out of the cupboard - they can carry them open at the front.

One thing is clear: it may and should also be in the (advanced) pregnancy clothing in your wardrobe that is not a compromise, but completely beautiful. Like ours Yogahose or the Yoga Shirts. At Mandala we use only certified organic cotton, which is grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. A great side effect is: the cotton is particularly soft. The flowing, casual cuts do the rest, so that you also in pregnancy clothing of Mandala fits! Just browse our online shop!