Pregnancy clothes

At some point it is so far in pregnancy: clothes from earlier does not fit anymore. Read what you should pay attention to the purchase of maternity wear!

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Clever Tips on Pregnancy & Clothing

Pregnancy & Clothing - This is a tangible topic for some expectant mothers ... At the beginning, every pregnant woman will probably help with some other T-shirts and pants from the wardrobe, maybe combined with a beautiful bomac. But sometime, the point is reached in which clothes in pregnancy no longer fits. At what time this point comes, every pregnant woman is different - and then the big question comes: How much clothes do I need?

Best of all, you are looking for combinable all-rounders - that protects the purse and your nerves. Otherwise you have quickly seen a certain combination "SATT". A prime example of fashionable "economic runners" are ours Yogahose. Not only do you make a good figure in yoga or another sport - but also at home (even if the postman comes ... :-) The certified organic cotton we used is particularly soft. Thanks to shallow seams, it does not push anywhere, and the flexible rolling fabric makes enough space in the last trimester. The far-cut, casual Yoga Shirts Fit perfectly to the yogaoses, but also to jeans, fabric pants or a beautiful skirt. And with the handwoven Temple scarf From India every pregnancy outfit becomes a bit nice ...

For all "Mix and Match" philosophy: A few failed pieces may already be! After all, you should Also in pregnancy wear clothes you like.Incidentally, you should not forget one thing about your shopping tour: Even after birth, the stomach is usually a little more rounder than usual. So the clothes purchased in pregnancy will continue to accompany you. But do not worry: that too goes by ....

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