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Mandala offers beautiful yoga fashion - whether pants, tops, shirt or small accessories. Fair produced and in organic quality. Read more here!


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Yoga fashion spoils body and soul.

Yoga & Mode - Does that fit together? Are not that two completely separate worlds? The one: sensitive, attentive, aware - the other: superficially, fast-lived, driven by trends? We mean: The mindfulness, which you can pay for your body and your minds at the yoga, and should also be reflected in clothes, because:Beautiful yoga fashion does the body good- And the soul anyway ... You may also help you to tune inwardly on the practice practice, like a small ritual: I'm now wearing my yoga fashion and deliberately accept time for me and my exercises.

Of course, however: Yoga & Fashion, which is produced "somewhere" and "somehow", who does not consider consider to the environment and humans, but only strives for maximum output and profit optimization - that does not fit together at all!
We at Mandala Fashion Therefore, have been offering, portable and fairly produced yoga fashion from certified organic cotton for over 16 years for over 16 years, z. B. Yogahose, Yoga Tops or Yoga Shirts or Jackets. They are designed and made for exercise practice - so offer enough freedom of movement and a flattering, flowing fit. But even in everyday life, you can always wear a small piece of yoga fashion with the accessories presented here. Whether with bags, scarf or gauntlets: Yogi Up Your Life!


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