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Yoga Clothes & Bio & Fair - Mandala Fashion is standing for that. Discover here in the online shop YogaSose, Yoga Jackets, Yoga Shirts and Yoga Tops!

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Mandala Yoga Wear: Yoga clothes in organic quality.

Fashion Designer Nathalie Prieger founded her own label in 2000 with the idea of ​​designing a collection of yoga clothing in organic quality. The yoga clothing should be 1st beautiful and fashionable, 2. be soft and comfortable and nowhere "tweak" and 3. Pay attention to human and nature in production and processing. Because Nathalie was convinced: Anyone who practices Yoga wants to live in harmony with him and his environment - and then it just does not fit when the fabric of the yoga clothing one carries conventionally made. Unfortunately, conventional production often means in the fashion world: the cotton is grown in poor third countries and treated strongly with pesticides and fertilizers - that goes at the expense of the workers and damages the ground. In the price war the big customers the prices are pressed - that strikes the wages of the workers. And in the dyeing process many chemicals are used again.

If the "green wave" has come to large department stores and fashion tables, Nathalie was pioneering with her idea "Yoga Clothing & Organic". For the Mandala Yoga Clothing, only organic cotton is used, the pollutant arm was colored. All production and processing steps take place in small enterprises, guarantee the fair working conditions.Mandala is not only "yoga clothing organic", but also fair. 

Discover yourself here in the shop Our cuddly organic Yogahose Or warming organic yoga jackets. Looking for your new bio favoriteYoga shirt or one of our varied organic Yoga Tops out of! Mandala offers stylish yoga clothes for every taste.

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