#instacrush: 5 Instagram Yoginis we love

#instacrush: 5 Instagram Yoginis we love

Instagram is the perfect place to get your daily dose of yoga inspiration! Discover 4 instagram yoginis we love!

You ask for one of our favorite apps? Definitely Instagram! We are not only browsing through the relevant magazines, but are getting the latest yogatrends straight from the net for the daily dose of inspiration   Why  we love this app so much? Because there are so many great yoginis there. They are strong, super flexible and quite sexy. let us introduce you some of our favorite Instagram yoginis! Get inspired!

Yoga inspiration from the around the world @ Instagram

From Los Angeles to Sweden yoga is THE trendsport par excellence and inspires relaxation and fitness fans of all ages. It is no wonder, therefore, that there are many impressions from the yoga world on Instagram. A short yogavideo or a photo of the last yoga class, there is a lot to discover, whether you are a beginner or advanced yoga enthusiast.

We show you a few Instagram-Yoginis, who you should absolutely follow!

Our recommendations:


If you like soft pastels, you will love the account of @seonia! The South Korean woman lives in Japan and shows her most beautiful yogapostures in front of great ocean lanes, urban background or just in the middle of nature. Definitely worth a look!

5 Instagram Yoginis we love: @seonia


Of course, a German Yogini can not be missing in this series! Mady of @madymorrison enchants on her Instagram account through an authentic personality and a great lifestyle. With her, there is something more than just the yoga pose of the day. An all around beautiful inspiration to a healthy and happy life.

5 Instagram yoginis we love: @madymorrison


Good mood and a portion L.A.-sunshine -  you find at @yellabella. Holiday feeling in every picture. Inspires to more yoga in everyday life and also to one or the other Yoga Holiday - maybe in California.

5 Instagram Yoginis we love: @yellabella


Do you know this fascinating effect of Yogavideos? At @jessicaolie you will find lots of them. Definitely with addiction factor! We could watch her for hours and hours...

5 Instagram Yoginis we love: @jessicaolie


The best - or rather, the most extraordinary - in the end! This account is one of his kind:  you find the finest daily Yogainspiration, yet with a big difference. The slender athlete does not wear clothes. Completely naked, she makes her asanas and yet never shows too much. A game with aesthetics and sexyness, which does not tempt to imitation, but impressive!

5 Instagram Yoginis we love: @nude_yogagirl

We admit: making naked yoga is probably not something for everyone - although the photos are very beautiful to look at! We also prefer to wear well-fitting Yoga wear.
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